Hey everyone, I’m Nikhil and am thrilled to have you visiting my blog. By the I’m currently studying BCA(Bachelors in Computer Application). I live in New Delhi with my parents.


I got my first personal computers when i was in 9th class, but I get interested in computers, specially in Web Designing when I was introduced with HTML & CSS in class 10th. After that i took Web Designing as a subject, that just speed up my interest and turned it into a passion. I would like to thanks all my teachers, specially Anubha Mittal ma’am for teaching me web designing and clearing all my concepts.


After Web, Machine Learning and Neural Network are second thing that i love to do.



A bit about the blog

Idiot Developer is just a way to express my passion, its a way to share my knowledge with you all.


This blog is doing to deal a variety of topics on Web Technology, for example, HTML, CSS, JQuery, JavaScript, Angular, PHP, Python, etc. It just not only include topics on Web, It also includes other topics of my interest, like Neural Network, Machine Learning, etc.